• Dialog Editing 

  • Audition submission Audio Edit w/ free recording setup consultation

  • Noise Reduction (bye-bye annoying background noise)

  • ADR Placement & Blending (no one will ever know!)

  • Audio Restoration

Mixing & Mastering

  • Music Mix
    Post Production Mix for broadcast, cinema, internet, and more

  • Podcast Mix
    Mastering for music, podcasts and more!

Sound Design & Foley

We have a massive sound effects library, but we aren’t afraid to get our paws dirty to get that perfect sound.

Our voice modelling tools makes vocal processing a breeze to get that snarling monster, talking demon, robot or whatever else your needs are… we got you covered!

Need someone to perform the voice overs? No problem! We do that too.

Audio Book, Audio Drama Production & Podcast Editing

  • Casting of narrators and or voice actors

  • Editing

  • Mastering to specification

  • Distribution consultation

Some of Our Tools Include:

  • Izotope RX 6 Advanced

  • iZotope Final Mix

  • iZotope Loudness Control

  • iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced

  • iZotope Neutron 2 Advanced 

  • AVOX Choir, Duo, Warm, Throat, Mutator, Punch

  • And more of industry trusted plugins!

  • 2TB of high quality SFX at 96 kHZ, 24 bit

  • Impulse Responses to blend ADR or create a setting

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